How to track the status of your parcel

Are you looking for a way to track the status and location of your parcel or shipment and you found your way to the Spring GDS website?

We are happy to help you the best way we can. However, it is good to be aware that Spring GDS is serving business customers shipping abroad and in many cases takes care of only a part of the shipping process. It, therefore, might occur that we are unable to locate a parcel as it is on a part of its journey that is being handled by a shipping partner. If you are a consumer we strongly advise to seek contact with the shop you have purchased your goods from.

We suggest to explore the following solutions:

1. Get in touch with the seller

The party that at all times has the best overview of the status and location of your parcel is the seller or store where you placed your order. In case you are unable to track or see any updates on your shipment, please contact your seller first. They will be able to help with further investigation and contacting shipping carriers.