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Online retailers looking for opportunities to exploit new markets should consider China, Japan and South Korea as focus destinations, all featuring in the world’s top five countries for E-commerce sales revenue. China’s retail import has been growing by almost 40% over the past year and 70% of all foreign goods bought online by South Korean consumers come from Europe or the United States. All three countries and Hong Kong too are relatively untapped markets for many retailers.

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Spring GDS the international cross-border division of PostNL, one of Europe’s largest and most capable postal operators. We have considerable expertise in handling fast, secure and cost-effective E-commerce shipments to Asia’s main markets:

  • Processing via the globally-trusted EMS network
  • Fast and robust service, with delivery typically 1-3 days from entry in country
  • Bespoke, negotiated rates to China on packages up to 5kgs
  • Final mile delivery by local specialists
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Destination The Netherlands

Best developed delivery market in Europe

More than half of all online shoppers made overseas purchases in 2018; according to WIK Consult in their study on the development of cross-border e-commerce through improved delivery options. Half of the cross-border purchases were from other EU-EEA Member States, while one third were from China. 

The most outstanding result of the study is the number 1 ranking for The Netherlands with a 100% score on delivery quality, competitive landscape, USP performance and the state of e-commerce. The four categories on which all European countries have been ranked. Thanks to the long tradition of distance selling, the Dutch logistical network has been developed as one of the best in Europe.  

Clothing, books and electronics: most popular product categories

Looking further into the detail of cross border e-commerce orders; 33% of online shoppers in The Netherlands purchased goods from other countries. These purchases consist of mainly fashion (clothes and shoes) and electronics. 22% of online shoppers even made several purchases a months from foreign online stores. The delivery of these goods is of a high standard, thanks to the many delivery locations (such as pick-up points) and delivery time options in The Netherlands. 

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Whilst some customers had to pay delivery costs, 62% received free delivery. Cross-border delivery was free for 43% of customers and 19% were offered free delivery with preconditions such as minimum order value. The top-3 delivery locations are, 'home' which is by far the most popular, followed by a parcel shop, post office or central collection depot. Only 8% of the deliveries were made to a neighbour’s home, and PostNL offers a wide range of delivery times and pickup locations to suit the customer's needs.

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