Postage Paid logo

Use a Postage Paid logo to send your bulk mail

Bulk mail (business mail, brochures, periodicals and dailies) is franked using a PostNL Postage Paid logo.

Please note: Use of the name PostNL is restricted to deliveries carried out by PostNL. Any unauthorized use is prohibited.

Postage Paid stamp

Most printing companies in the Netherlands have access to our Postage Paid logo. You can also apply the logo yourself using a Postage Paid stamp. Please contact us for more information.

Please note: the displayed images are not suitable for use on your website. To include them on your website, download the ZIP files.

PostNL Postage Paid
PostNL Postage PaidEPS
zip (106Kb)

PostNL Postage PaidJPGzip (32Kb)

PostNL Postage PaidAI
zip (58Kb)

PostNL Postage PaidPDFzip (10Kb)

PostNL Postage PaidTIFzip (33Kb)
PostNL Postage Paid alternative

PostNL Postage Paid alternativeEPS
zip (95Kb)
PostNL Postage Paid alternativeJPG
zip (20Kb)

PostNL Postage Paid alternativeAI
zip (52Kb)

PostNL Postage Paid alternativePDF
zip (8Kb)

PostNL Postage Paid alternativeTIF
zip (28Kb)

Logos are created in Adobe Illustrator and supplied in:

  • AI format: for use with AppleMacintosh applications (e.g. InDesign, Illustrator)
  • EPS format: for use with other printing applications (e.g. Windows)
  • JPG format: for use with on-screen applications (websites, PowerPoint, Word) 
  • PNG format: for use with on-screen applications (websites, PowerPoint, Word)
  • TIF format: for use with on-screen applications (websites, PowerPoint, Word) 
  • PDF format: for prototyping purposes only, not for reproduction