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UK-EU VAT refunds

How to get VAT refunds on returned products

Your e-commerce sales to the European Union (EU) are going well thanks to Spring GDS’s cross-border shipping solution. But when your customers in the EU want to return some it …

Packet undeliverable

My package can’t be delivered. What now?

If you’re a UK-based e-commerce business that sends packages and parcels to the European Union, your customers may not always be able to receive your shipments. What happens i …

Delivery experts shipping goods from the UK to the EU

How to get on board with Spring Clear [checklist]

Spring Clear is our end-to-end solution for shipping goods from the UK to the EU under the new VAT rules. Streamline your delivery process by letting us take care of everythin …

Costs, complications and the IOSS deadline

Costs, complications and the IOSS deadline

If you're a retailer based outside the European Union and ship to customers in the EU, you will be affected by a series of changes which come into force on the first of July a …

IOSS Registration - Why UK Businesses Must Act Now

IOSS registration - why UK businesses must act now

Due to changing regulations, VAT payments will become more complicated for non-EU businesses that sell goods to the EU. There are a number of solutions that make it easier for …