International Periodicals

Distributing your periodicals to multiple countries worldwide

With our extensive network and knowledge we provide you with efficient solutions for getting your periodicals to any destination in the world. You can choose for a Standard or Priority Service, depending on your needs. Rely on us for the delivery of your journals, newspapers or magazines worldwide.

The benefits of International Periodicals

  • No minimum number of items
  • No minimum item weight (max. 2 kg)
  • Hand over of your mailing unsorted
  • Option for collection of your mailing on site
  • Convenience, with just one product for all destinations worldwide
  • Two delivery speeds with the Standard or Priority service to fit your needs

Contact us for personal advice

What does it cost?

The prices are dependent on volumes, frequency, collection addresses and of course weight and destination. In many cases tailored solutions are available, which means you may qualify for a discount depending on your needs. Therefore please contact us for a customised offer.

Choose your delivery speed

Depending on your need you can select a Standard or Priority service.

From: EU CountriesFrom: North America
To: EU countries

Priority Service 2-3 working days 

Standard Service 4-5 working days

Priority Service 4-7 working days 

Standard Service 8-14 working days

To: Non EU

Priority Service 5-6 working days 

Standard Service 10-15 working days

Priority Service 4-7 working days

Standard Service 8-14 working days

To: North America

Priority Service 5-12 working days 

Standard Service 15-20 working days

Priority Service 3-5 working days

Standard Service 7-14 working days

To: Rest of World

Priority Service 5-12 working days 

Standard Service 15-20 working days

Priority Service 7-10 working days

Standard Service 10-18 working days

Local solution

Spring also offers a local solution with the Direct Entry service, making use of the network of national postal operators and alternative distributors. Local products in the country of destination will be used to distribute your shipment. Therefore you will be able to send your mail with a “local look”, making it look like your item originates from a local company. This can have an increasing effect on the response rate of your mailing.

Instead of paying an international rate, you will be able to make use of attractive local rates. In order to access this service, please keep in mind that you need to present your mailing by the terms and conditions of the local operator in the country of destination. With our local presence and expertise on the postal market, we can advise and assist you in your mailing.