The full sustainability package: introducing the Spring GDS orange pallet box


We’re replacing single-use materials in our network for more sustainable alternatives

Spring GDS is always exploring ways to deliver our customer’s goods safely, efficiently and sustainably. The new orange pallet box provides a zero-waste alternative to carton or wood materials in our network.

The orange pallet box is a strong, foldable storage unit made of 100% recyclable materials with an average lifespan of between 7-10 years. Once retired from circulation, every pallet box is returned to the supplier, making this product completely circular.

The orange pallet boxes deliver products more safely and ergonomically than single use traditional packaging, and also help to reduce emissions. The orange pallet boxes’ higher internal fill rate results in transporting less air, and the easy stacking design means more can fill every truck (66 pallet boxes per truck compared to 33 similar size carton or wooden boxes.) This improves load capacity and leads to fewer trucks on the road.

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The first international collaboration of its kind

With our reliable international network already in place, Spring GDS are the first organisation to use reusable pallet boxes on this scale with both postal and commercial partners. Orange pallet boxes must be kept in circulation to maximise their use, so this environmental initiative depends on cross-border collaboration.

Cooperation between The Benelux, France, Spain, Italy, Germany and the Czech Republic has allowed us to introduce the orange pallet boxes into Spring GDS European delivery services. With this ambitious initiative, Spring GDS have paved the way for other logistics services to swap traditional packaging for more sustainable alternatives.

Together, we can create a brighter and more sustainable future

Read our latest press release in Cross Border magazine on our sustainable pallet box and how our commitment to sustainability is making an impact on the entire logistics industry.

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Helping you to help the environment

Spring GDS and our partners are leading the way for the whole logistics sector to reduce their environmental impact.

Addressing global warming is a complex challenge that requires creativity, collaboration and international cooperation. These are all part of everyday business at Spring GDS, where we pride ourselves on finding solutions that take complications away from our customers.

Curious about how this might impact your business?

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