Sustainability is becoming essential for your e-commerce business

Green globe

The increase in carbon emissions due to e-commerce sales is forecast to hit around 25 million CO2 metric tons by 2030

With over half of consumers expecting online delivery to be carbon neutral, e-tailers will be expected to ensure a green supply chain while meeting the consumer's fast and low-cost delivery demands.

The Significance of sustainability in consumer choices with E-tailers

Consumers prioritise sustainability when doing business with e-tailers due to the environmental impact of online shopping. Accenture's report, "Green behind the screen: Sustainable shopping in digital retail," reveals that 83% of consumers favor e-tailers using sustainable packaging, and 62% are willing to pay extra for products from brands dedicated to sustainability. This highlights the increasing importance of eco-conscious practices for e-commerce platforms, as they strive to meet consumer demands.

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