National holidays & closing days

Find out about the national holidays and closing dates that may affect your international deliveries

With Spring GDS, your e-commerce shipments are sent to their destination via some of the world’s most reliable postal services and commercial carriers. But national holidays and closing dates may affect your delivery planning.

2022 Festivals, Holidays and Observances

How to add a holiday calendar

  • Download the .ical file to your computer (basic.ics)
  • Open your Calendar settings
  • Select Import & export
  • Import the .ical file to your current calendar or create an additional calendar

Our downloadable calendar files are compatible with most well-known applications such as Google Calendar, iCalendar, Microsoft Outlook, Yahoo Calendar, Zoho Calendar, Teamup, Teamweek and WriteUpp.

Delays in deliveries due to external factors

For up-to-date information about delays in delivery due to forces beyond our control, subscribe to our International Service Alerts.

International Service Alerts