Spring GDS e-commerce guide to the United Kingdom

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Explore the intricacies of the United Kingdom e-commerce market

We find delivery solutions that take the complications away from our customers

This factsheet provides an invaluable guide to a better understanding of the United Kingdom's e-commerce market and ensures compliance with local regulations.

This guide covers:
  • United Kingdom key market information

  • Spring Direct shipping solution

  • Top cross-border product categories

  • Packaging and sustainability

  • VAT and Duty insights for the United Kingdom

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Although the material has been prepared with the utmost care, it is only intended to provide general information about legal rules, practices and procedures. It can by no means be regarded as accounting, tax, legal or other professional advice. For that reason, users cannot derive any rights from or claim the correctness and completeness of the content of the material made available by Spring GDS G3 Worldwide Mail NV or any affiliated entity. Any form of liability for any damage resulting from the consultation of the material is expressly rejected. In all cases, it is recommended that the user obtains (local) advice about its own (tax) position.

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