Track and trace

What to do if you’re expecting a delivery from an online order

Parcels tracking

How to track and trace your shipment

If you’ve bought goods from an online shop and are waiting for your order to arrive, we strongly suggest you contact the seller.

Spring GDS serves business customers shipping abroad and so in many cases only handles part of the delivery process. We may therefore be unable to locate a parcel as it is on the part of its journey with a different shipping partner.

Here are our recommendations for how to track and trace your purchase:

Who to contact about your order
Ask the seller

The store you purchased goods from always has the best overview of your parcel’s location.

  • We're with you. Getting in touch with Spring GDS has never been easier. Our knowledgeable customer service staff are available via phone from 8 am to 5 pm EST. Questions outside of traditional working hours? We reply to all support tickets within 24 hours.

Use a third-party tool

The Spring track and trace combines information from multiple shipping platforms. 

  • If your order isn’t currently in the Spring GDS shipping network, our track and trace could help you find more information about your order.

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