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Professional highlights

Name: Thomas

Years of service: 16

Department: E-commerce

Role: Director of E-commerce Development

What is your favourite part of the work day?
I don't have a favourite part of the day as I enjoy the whole day!

Thomas' Journey at Spring GDS Canada:
Thomas started his journey on January 1, 2008, with PostNL as an Inside Sales Representative. Over the past 16 years, he has had the chance to work in different roles and on a wide range of projects, within the different entities of PostNL Parcels in the Netherlands.

After his last role as Managing Director of Shop United, a shipping platform active in the Netherlands, he was offered the opportunity to help our North American office in the transition to become one of the top e-commerce service providers.

To date, with the help of Thomas' expertise and the Spring GDS Canada team, many new and exciting services have been implemented to serve our customers in Canada and around the world.

Fun facts

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