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Consumers expect hassle-free shipping and easy returns for their purchases.

  • 84% make a purchase from an online retailer specifically because they offered free shipping (Forbes)

  • 77% abandon a purchase due to unsatisfactory shipping options (Forbes)

  • 49% prioritise ‘free and easy returns’ (Marketfinder)

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Consumers prioritise sustainable shipping and support for eco-friendly companies.

  • 42% would like packaging materials to be recyclable or reusable (IPC)

  • 27% strongly agree they are willing to receive a package later to reduce environmental impact (IPC)

  • 26% believe it is the responsability of the e-retailer to pay for sustainability (IPC)

International - Square

Consumers are sensible to costs, both for their shipping and for returns.

  • Establishing a global footprint enhances your brand recognition, credibility, and trust among diverse audiences.

  • 73% are more flexible with the delivery timeline from cross-border purchases (Forbes).

  • The cross-border e-commerce market is growing, at a CAGR of 26.2% (2022 - 2030) (Forbes).

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