Our commitment to greener international shipping solutions

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We’re tackling sustainability as we would tackle any other problem:

By finding solutions that take the complications away from our customers.

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Introducing the Spring GDS orange pallet box

Spring GDS is always exploring ways to deliver our customer’s goods safely, efficiently and sustainably. The new orange pallet box provides a zero-waste alternative to carton or wood materials in our network.

C02 Calculations

At Spring we take the responsibility to master our own CO2 emissions data. We want to be as transparent as we can be, by sharing information with our customers and consumers. We aim to make the best decisions regarding the environment and to lower our environmental footprint. We do that by mastering our own emissions data and getting our data checked by a third party. ​

Spring Europe has its own internal system where every parcel is carefully weighed before being transported, combined with the route information, the data lake and the cooperation with our partner EcoTransIT an accurate calculation is made per parcel. This calculation method complies with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, European Norm, GLEC Framework and ISO 14083. 

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As deliveries by land and air generate CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions, we have a responsibility to reduce our environmental impact and compensate for our activities.

We set high environmental and social standards so that by working with us, our customers are helping to protect the planet for future generations

The Gold Standard Certified climate action projects we invest in are proven to reduce atmospheric CO2, promote biodiversity and re-green the environment. Sustainability doesn’t stop at environmental action: we’ve chosen projects that protect indigenous farmers and support local communities.

Climate protection projects

Madre de dios peru

Rainforest and biodiversity protection in Peru

Located in the Peruvian Amazon, The Madre de Dios Amazon REDD Project protects a unique reservoir of biodiversity, endangered species and indigenous cultures. The project aims to reduce emissions from deforestation and forest degradation. Madre de Dios covers about 100.000 hectares of rainforest, about 400 km from the historic sight of Machu Picchu.

Country: Peru

Technology: REDD+

Standard: Verified Carbon Gold Standard

mut wind power plant 2

Renewable wind energy in Turkey

The Mut Wind Power Plant in Turkey's Mut District creates an alternative and renewable energy source. By using wind energy the project aims to replace grid electricity, which is constituted of different fuel sources causing greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants. This contributes to cleaner air and conserves water, soil, flora and fauna.

Country: Turkey

Technology: Wind

Standard: Gold Standard

justdiggit water bunds kenya

Water bunds regreening areas of Kenya

Our partner JustDiggit dig crescent-shaped pits in the ground that collect rainwater in dry areas in Africa, preventing it from washing away over the arid soil. So far Spring GDS has financed 839 water bunds in Kenya through our customer survey. This simple environmental action hydrates and re-greens the landscape, increases local biodiversity, absorbs atmospheric CO2 and helps local farming communities.

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