Seamless Customs Clearance for your shipments to Canada

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A land of opportunity for European retailers!​

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Customers pay VAT and Duty at the checkout

Our landed costs calculator gives your customers a positive experience to keep them coming back to your shop. No nasty surprise & extra fees on the doorstep.

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Easy import and export declarations

We take care of import declarations at the destination and export declarations at your local shipping hub.

Parcel return locations

Integrated returns

Combined trips for outgoing and return deliveries simplify  cross-border administration, cut costs where it matters and reduce CO2 emissions.

  • Canada is one of the world’s wealthiest countries and the 9th largest e-commerce market.

  • It is projected to reach US$57,145bn in 2023, comparable to $52.16 in 2022 – a 20.1% increase.

  • 34% of Canadian e-commerce shoppers buy online at least once a week.​

Spring Clear ensures the fastest, easiest and most transparent service ​to the final mile recipient in Canada

Key insights for our solution to Canada

Shipment value All values
Available services Tracked and signed
Coverage 100% coverage in Canada
Average transit time 1-13 working days, expected average transit is 5/6 days
First time delivery rate 98.5%
Delivery days 5 - 7 days a week depending on the delivery address
Delivery notifications Via app, email and SMS message ​
Number of delivery attempts 1 or 3 depended on the delivery address ​
Incoterm DDP (duty delivery paid)​
Local low value threshold 20 CAD (11 Euro /10 GBP)​
Minimal data requirements HS codes, product descriptions, value & weight, shipper EU/GB EORI number​
Other requirements No dangerous goods, foods or products containing batteries are allowed​
business woman on the phone VAT calculations
  • Spring Clear is a DDP (duty delivery paid) service. ​

  • Meaning VAT & Duty is charged upon checkout to the Canadian recipient. ​

  • Spring will pay any due VAT & Duty upon importation to the Canadian authorities on behalf of our customers.​

  • To ensure the correct calculation of VAT & Duty upon checkout we offer the use of our landed cost calculator free of charge

  • No administration fee for local clearance!

*VAT and Duty is dependent on product type
Description VAT Duty
Shipment value < 20 CAD
(€ 11/10 GBP)
Not applicable Not applicable
Shipment value > 20 CAD
(€ 11/ 10 GBP)
Applicable 5% average* Applicable
10% average*

Forbidden goods

Airfreight and Canadian customs have stringent regulations on goods which are forbidden for air transport or importation into Canada

Some examples are:

  • Loose batteries;
  • Items containing a battery (only alkaline batteries are accepted);
  • Foods, plants and animal's derivatives;
  • Cigarettes, drugs and tobacco;
  • Alcohol or products containing alcohol;
  • Weapons, ammunition and explosives;
  • Perishable items;
  • Extremely high-value goods like jewellery and precious stones etc.

For more info please check the link to IATA & Canadian customs website.