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The integrated parcel return service

Ship to your customers and handle their returns - all from one single portal

Spring GDS makes it easy to manage your international e-commerce shipments and returns from one single portal. We combine outgoing and return shipments so you can keep logistical costs down and contribute to a significantly lower carbon footprint.

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Customer returns made easy

  • Consumer creates a return label via the easy-to-use online consumer portal or uses the label provided in the box
  • Consumer brings the package to a nearby drop-off point after attaching the return label 
  • We process the returned package together with local carriers 
  • Returned items are delivered to your warehouse when we come to collect your outgoing shipments, saving costs and CO2 emissions   

At Spring GDS, we already excelled at cost-efficient cross-border e-commerce shipments thanks to our reliable network of postal and commercial carriers. Now, we’ve launched an easy way to manage consumer returns within the Spring GDS shipping portal.

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Offer the easy returns process that customers want 

Provide a return label as part of your shipment or let customers create their own shipping label through an online consumer returns portal created especially for your brand.  Access a network of over 100,000 drop-off points where customers can return their items.

Know why consumers return your products 

Understand the reasons why your customers return purchased items with data gathered by the online consumer returns portal. You can use this information to make your webshop better.

Get customs refunds on returns crossing the UK-EU border

Save time processing paperwork – we apply for VAT and customs duty refunds on returned goods that cross the UK-EU border on your behalf. That way, you never lose out on valuable deductions.

Cut costs and boost your green credentials

We drop off returns at your warehouse when we pick up your outbound goods. That’s how we can offer competitive prices while reducing our CO2 emissions.

Get set up in no time

Forget about time-consuming set-ups - manage your e-commerce shipments and returns effortlessly through one single API. Our integrated returns solution can be configured within the Spring GDS portal in less than an hour.

Convenient e-commerce return solutions 

Run your e-commerce business with Spring GDS’s shipping and return management services. Benefit from a simple customer return process that will keep your customers coming back for more.

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