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International returns made easy

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Flexible options tailored to your needs

Get in touch to help us find you a personalised returns solution. We can print your labels-in-the-box, provide easy links for your customers to print labels at home or adapt any of our returns solutions to your requirements.

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Easily install our integration

Add our returns solutions to your existing system with a simple IT installation. We integrate seamlessly with your webshop or e-commerce platform so you can manage all your shipping administration from one place.

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Benefit from the same rate for your deliveries and returns

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120,000 drop-off points are always close to your customer

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Required local addresses in main destinations

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Fast VAT & duty payback for items over 135GBP/150EUR

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Cutting CO2 emissions by using the biofuel HVO100

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Why do you need an easy returns process?

  • Customers expect stress-free returns as part of online shopping.
  • Less time handling returns gives you more time to grow your business.
  • Manage all your outgoing and return deliveries from one platform.
  • Increased customer loyalty: 97% of customers report a solid likelihood to continue shopping with a retailer after a positive return experience*.

*How To Write An E-commerce Return Policy | Source: Easyship Blog

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Flexible options tailored to your needs