Royal Mail Business Mail

The solution for all your business correspondence to the United Kingdom

Royal Mail Business Mail offers flexible and, cost-effective solutions for your urgent and non-urgent general UK business correspondence and transactional mail, such as invoices, contracts and statements.

Spring Global Delivery Solutions are the preferred international sales agent for Royal Mail outside the UK. This means that we can provide you with unparalleled and direct access to the Royal Mail network and provide you with inside market information to make every mailing to the UK a success.

The benefits of Royal Mail Business Mail

Royal Mail Business Mail can suit your specific business needs.

  • A highly flexible solution
  • Ideal for time-sensitive contracts, important customer service communications or regular correspondence such as invoices or statements
  • Choice of delivery speeds
  • Volume based discounts
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What does it cost?

Prices depend on volumes, frequency and of course weight. In many cases tailored solutions are available, which means you may qualify for a discount depending on your needs. Therefore please contact us for a customised offer.

Choose your delivery speed

Does your mail need to be there next working day or do you have time on your side? Royal Mail Business Mail offers a choice of delivery speeds.

Business Mail 1st Class

Aims to deliver next working day.

Business Mail 2nd Class

Aims to deliver in 2-3 working days.

Business Mail Economy (only available with Sorted mail)

Aims to deliver within 4 working days.

Choose your format

Weight limit
Up to 240mm x 165mm x 5mm
Up to 100g
Large Letter (in Non-Machine Readable and High Sort options)
Up to 353mm x 250mm x 25mm
Up to 750g
Large Letter (in Machine-Readable, Machine-Readable Plus and Low Sort)
Up to 345mm x 245mm x 10mm
Up to 750g