PostNL makes CDP A List for leadership in climate change efforts

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Den Haag, 15 December 2022 - For the third year in a row, PostNL ranks on the prestigious “A List” of the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) for leading in its efforts against climate change. Of the 15,000 companies assessed by the CDP, nine Dutch companies and 283 companies worldwide received an A rating this year. This shows that PostNL belongs to a select group of companies that perform exceptionally well in this area, and that PostNL plays a leadership role in terms of environmental ambitions, transparency and demonstrable action.

Herna Verhagen, CEO PostNL: “The CDP raises the bar for environmental leadership each year with stricter requirements. The fact that we received the highest score as a company for the third year in a row is an important validation of our efforts. And it’s something we’re very proud of. We keep looking to the future and remain committed to a sustainable logistics supply chain in which environmental transparency is the norm.”

Well-founded ambitions

PostNL is working in various ways towards its ambition to deliver all parcels and letters emissions-free in the last mile throughout the Benelux region by 2030 at the latest. To ensure that targets are well-founded, PostNL annually reports on its carbon emissions reduction targets to the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi). The initiative helps companies looking to emit less carbon to translate their ambitions into scientifically underpinned goals to keep global warming within 1.5 degrees Celsius. The CDP stresses that environmental transparency among businesses is crucial. PostNL contributes to this in various ways, including by participating in all kinds of standards and benchmarks, and by reporting extensively on its ambitions and results in annual reports.

About the CDP

The annual composition and publication of the CDP is considered the gold standard for transparency on companies’ environmental policies. The CDP is a non-profit organisation that helps companies, cities and regions to measure and manage opportunities and risks in the area of climate change, (drinking) water safety and forests. Each year, the CDP publishes the climate change A List, which includes companies that are global leaders in environmental performance.

The full CDP climate change A List of companies that made the grade, plus methodology and criteria, can be found on the CDP’s website.