Spring Germany

More about working with us

We are located in Pulheim near Cologne in a newly renovated office building plus HUB. We are a great team of 70 professional, motivated and humorous colleagues, some with more than 30 years of experience.

Working at Spring Germany

Country NameSpring Germany
Team LocationPulheim
Managing DirectorBjörn Beckhausen
Team size70
Contact Detailsiris.broekling@spring-gds.com
Visit addressLise-Meitner-Strasse 9
Postal code50259
EstablishedJune 1987

Our team ambition:

We are local experts in a truly global company. We are nearby, even if we’re not always physically close. We take our business personally, we are the company with a voice and a face. Every day, our employees make a crucial difference by listening to our customers. As a result, we truly understand our customers businesses and how to help them forward.

What we do:

Spring stands for Global Delivery Solutions. As an autonomous broker, we handle international deliveries across the most reliable networks. Are we global? Yes, we connect 3 continents and cover 190 countries. But equally important to what we do is the way we do it: we walk the talk. By standing next to our customers, they can always rely on us. We deliver what we promise; we make our clever solutions work.

Quote employee:

The great, informal-friendly working atmosphere and good possibilities for development make it special to work for Spring. My work is a mixture of standard and spontaneous tasks, sporadic projects and special requirements. Most important for me is to identify priorities, to work methodically and first and last to be flexible.


Capital: Berlin
Language: German
Size: 357,022 sq km
Number of inhabitants:
83,2 million
Number of households: 42.6 million
GDP per head: US 46,500 p.c.