International Service Alerts

Circumstances which can influence the transit time of your shipments

Below you find an overview of the current international service alerts. With the International Service Alerts we keep you informed on the consequences that current events in the world might have on the delivery of your international shipments. Once an update is available we will publish the additional information below.

No delivery due to COVID-19 and other reasons

Current events

Delayed delivery due to COVID-19

Austria (AT)

Date:1 July 2022
Expected delay:1 day
Reason for service alert:

New 1 July 2022: Shipments for destination Austria to the area of Wernberg have been delayed for one day on the 29th of June. The delays have been caused by severe weather conditions in the Carinthia region, through which trucks could not reach the Wernberg delivery depot. Some areas are still hard to reach due to electricity cuts and mudflows. The area has postal codes in the range of 9000 till 9922. 

France, Spain and Portugal (FR, ES and PT)

Nicaragua (NI)

China (CN)

Israel (IL)

United Kingdom (GB)

South-Africa (ZA)

Italy (IT)

Canada (CA)

Chile (CL)

New Zealand (NZ)

Romania (RO)

Belarus (BY)

United States (US)

Australia (AU)

Ireland (IE)

Japan (JP)

Russia (RU)

Greece (GR)

Portugal (PT)

Brazil (BR)

Peru (PE)

Cayman Islands (KY)

Saint Lucia (LC)

Jamaica (JM)

Bulgaria (BG)

Honduras (HN)

Spain (ES)

Moldova (MD)

Hong Kong (HK)

Ukraine (UA)

Thailand (TH)

Eritrea (ER)

Equatorial Guinea (GQ)

Kuwait (KW)

Belgium, Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg, The Netherlands and United Kingdom

United States (US)

Turkey (TR)

Cuba (CU)

Kazakhstan (KZ)

France (FR)

Tonga (TO)

Bermuda (BM)

Malaysia (MY)

2021 events

Ireland (IE)

Philippines (PH)

Germany (DE)

Japan (JP)

Date:7 December 2021
Expected delay:5-10 days
Reason for service alert:

New 7 December 2021: Delays in transit times to Japan due to transport capacity issues and COVID-19 measures.

Solomon Islands (SLB)

Guadeloupe (GP)

Martinique (MQ)

New Zealand (NZ)

Slovakia (SK)

South Sudan (SS)

Latvia (LV)

East Timor (TL)

Romania (RO)

Malta (MT)

Luxembourg (LU)

The Netherlands (NL)

Poland (PL)

Afghanistan (AF)

Australia (AU)

Austria (AT)

Canada (CA)

Chile (CL)