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New HS codes for 2022

Why you need to update your HS codes this year

On the 1st of January 2022, a major revision of HS codes will come into effect that only happens once every five years. Making sure you’ve completed your annual HS codes check …

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Spring GDS contributes to regreening Africa

Our annual customer satisfaction survey aims to collect insights that we can use to continually improve on our services and provide e-commerce businesses around the world with …

EU business getting a VAT refund on UK returns

How to get VAT refunds on returned products

Your sales to the UK are going well thanks to Spring GDS’s cross-border shipping solution. But when your UK customers want to return some items, you’ll need to know how to man …

Checklist for fewer product returns

How to reduce product returns

A good returns process increases repeat customers. However, you'll need a well-set-up system to not let product returns become a burden for your e-commerce business.