Spring GDS contributes to regreening Africa

This year, we used our annual customer satisfaction survey to contribute to something that's close to our hearts: the health of our planet.

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Our annual customer satisfaction survey aims to collect insights that we can use to continually improve on our services and provide e-commerce businesses around the world with the best possible customer experience. This year, we added an extra objective on top: to raise money for JustDiggit, a non-profit organisation that aims to re-green Africa together with local farmers. For every completed customer survey, we funded one ‘water bund’ with JustDiggit.

With your help, we funded 542 'water bunds' that help re-green arid areas of Africa and cool down the planet.

What are ‘water bunds’?

Water bunds – or as JustDiggit like to call them: ‘Earth Smiles’ - are crescent-shaped pits in the ground that collect rainwater in dry areas in Africa, preventing it from washing away over the arid soil. By digging bunds, JustDiggit can re-green large areas of land in a short time, which has a positive effect on biodiversity, nature, people and – ultimately – our climate.

The digging of water bunds is a cost-effective, nature-based solution that brings vegetation back to arid parts of land. Up to this moment, our chosen charity JustDiggit has restored 60,000 hectares of land, regenerated 6.3 million trees, dug 145,000+ water bunds, reached 291 million people around the world with their awareness campaigns and founded six grass seed banks that help Maasai women make an income from growing, harvesting and selling grass (hay) and seeds.


To reduce the number of journeys we need to help your ship internationally, we drop off returned products at your warehouse when we come to collect outbound goods. That’s how we can offer competitive prices while reducing our CO2 emissions, which we then offset.

Making our operations more environmentally friendly 

At Spring GDS, we’ve also been working hard to make our own Operations more environmentally friendly with the introduction of our CO2-neutral shipping solution. By purchasing ‘carbon credits’ from accredited organisations, we invest in climate protection projects that are proven to reduce atmospheric CO2. By purchasing the right amount of carbon credits to offset our own emissions, the scales are balanced, and our impact compensated. 

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Contributing to a healthier planet

By shipping CO2-neutrally with Spring GDS, you can reduce the impact of your operations on climate change and contribute to a healthier planet.

Contact your Account Manager or get in touch with our team to learn more about our sponsorship of JustDiggit and other sustainability initiatives.